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Hi, My name is Gael, I'm 54 years old and I'm sooo excited!! Excited to have the opportunity to go back to California, meet all of you and see Richard, Joe and Umberto!! I grew up outside of Boston and now live on Cape Cod, MA- sort of like a Manhattan Beach "East". I guess I was born with a business brain. Bought my first piece of land(and brand-new sports car) at 19: got married at 20: built my first house at 21: opened my beauty buiness at 22. Between family, friends , husband, tenants, employees and life, it's been a roller coaster ride.

Originally, I had wanted to be a flight attendant because of the travel access...I was too petite. Had the offer of a string to be pulled that would get me into Eastern Airlines (very desirable), but I refused. I knew I wouldn't feel good about it or me. I love to travel and usually go WARM. Greece and her Islands, Turkey, Antigua, most of the Virgin Islands, Dominique,Spain, Belize, Abbacco Islands, Italy, Paris, Canada, Mexico and many places around the U.S.. I so want to see the South Pacific..or Africa..or ANYWHERE!! I love animals and have worked with both wild and domestic. Love them one and all!!! I have Tucker,( 17yo, 100lb golden), Tessa(8yo, 16lb cat) and Sascha(1yo, 4lb pom). They make every day a better one. I have amazing friends and a good family's just missing an appropiate, loving man. I'm often told(by men), that I'm intiminating. I find that stunning..and STUPID!! I HATE drugs and alcohol excess. Married that..makes life HELL!! Mostly, I'm flexible. When it comes to morals, ethics , honesty and trust,,I am NOT flexible at any level. I'm honest and faithful to a fault. I love new experiences and see even the difficult ones as an opportunity to learn(some moaning and a few I would have liked to skip). New faces, new places is fun for me. I've been told I look's an illusion. I tend to be athletic (work out often) and adventuresome(prefering remote destinations). I just enjoy looking like a GIRL!! Gael in a nutshell: I laugh easily and often, cry rarely, travel lightly, work hard, and love to distraction. I'm like a Lind chocolate..firm on the outside...soft on the inside!!!! Can't wait to see you all. Warmly, Gael

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