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Hello Ladies,

As we have discussed, this page will be used to highlight and showcase your photographs and your biographies. We know our photo pages get a lot of traffic and, since you are a very big part of the "Search for Romance and Adventure" we want the men to see what terrific Ladies you are!

Please be patient with us as we work out the final details of organizing this page. We want it to be safe and secure for you as well. None of your personal contact information will ever be displayed here and your photos and biographies will never be posted without your explicit permission. Following is the information on how to submit your photo and biography for this page:

It's all about YOU!!

So many of us are trying to find our soulmates out there. I am so blessed by spending time with so many fantastic women any one of which would make my "Wildest Dreams Come True." And I'm doubly blessed because I get to spend quality time with six of them on our trips to so many places around the world. Yes, it's going to be a very difficult decision for all of us- trust me, they are all asking me very deep and probing questions because they, too, are searching for their soulmate. It's not all FUN!!!

But, I have not forgotten about all the wonderful women who brought me to this point in my Search. That's all of YOU. All of you who sent in materials and all of you who have been following along and sending me such inspirational messages about how the Senior Bachelor endeavor has touched you.

So now is the time for you to prepare and send in your photos and biographies so we can help you find your soulmate. Posting your photo and biography on the Senior Bachelor website only increases your chances of finding a soulmate as we have tens of thousands of unique visitors per month to our website combined with the many thousands and thousands who receive the Senior Bachelor Newsletter and forward it even many more thousands!

Please send your photos and bios by email to To help out Joe, please put the following in the Subject line of your email: YOUR NAME- PHOTO AND BIO. (If you do not have a digitial photo or you have only a printed photo, email Joe and he will make arrangements to scan it for you at no charge. It is best to write your bio in WORD and attach it to your email. If you cannot, then simply write your bio in an email and send it to Joe. Please refrain from using special backgrounds and emoticons (smiley faces, etc.).

May I suggest you take some time and study the bios the Fabulous Finalists have provided. They all speak from the heart. I don't want to say there are any limits but anything more than a page in length is probably too long.

To assist you with writing your bio, think of answering these three questions:

Who am I?

What do I like to do?

What am I looking for?

At this point, we are going to post the photos and bios exactly like we posted the photos and bios of the finalists. Please refer to the Fabulous Finalists Page by clicking here. We will post your photo and then display your biography below your photo. At first, your photos will appear in alphabetical order by the first initial in your first name. WE WILL NOT SHOW YOUR LAST NAME.

WE WILL ONLY POST THE PHOTOS AND BIOS THAT ARE SENT IN FROM THIS POINT FOWARD. WE WILL NOT POST ANY MATERIALS YOU HAVE SENT IN PRIOR TO THIS DATE. And here is our release statement: By submitting any materials, you agree that they may be used in any manner or media worldwide as determined solely by me, including, but not limited to, a future episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show and its promotion. If you are not comfortable with having your photo and bio on our website, please do not submit them.

Posting of your photo and biography on the Senior Bachelor website in the manner described above will be totally free of charge for you to use.

The overriding concern so many expressed to us was safety in providing contact information. We are still working on setting up the secure communication service with PerfectMatch. This will give you total control of how people will contact you. In order to use the communication tool, you will need to have a current PerfectMatch membership. Thousands of you have already taken the free Compatibility Profile offered by PerfectMatch and hundreds and hundreds of you have already signed up for a membership. For more information about PerfectMatch and to take the FREE Compatibility Profile, click here.

We know there are a lot of men who receive this Newsletter and who visit the website. "Richard's Rangers" and so many of you have are continuously telling men you know about Senior Bachelor. And many of you have written telling of men you have met by just talking about the Senior Bachelor events and things. It requires "stepping outside the box!" It will be a slow but steady process but they will come. And Gentlemen, the offer of posting your photos and bios applies to you as well! (The only requirement for men to post photos and biographies at this point is they must be referred by a Bachelorette and they must be single, of course.)

Someone wrote to me once with a great motto that is made up of all two-letter words: "If it is to be it is up to me." Well, it is now up to you! Get yourself out there and let the world know you are a woman who seeks Romance and Adventure!!

Thank you for following along on the Journey. Enjoy!

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